Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Almost got there!

So, I stuck my face back into the chassis tonight and managed to get about 98% of the way there. All of the chassis components are in, and the turret board is in and soldered to everything it needs to be soldered to. I started putting in the pots and sure enough I realized that I'm short a single 630V 0.1uF capacitor. I checked the order sheet that I sent to Watts Tube Audio, and sure enough, there it is. I needed two. I only ordered one. Sucks. Here's a pic of where I'm at now.

So being pissed off like I am now, I decided to stop for the night. I figure once I have the capacitor, I'll be about 20 minutes away from putting the tubes in and firing it up. Left to be done are all grounds to common ground on the chassis (see loose green wires everywhere), inputs (I need some shielded wire too), and that effing capacitor. Here's another picture of the current state...

Off to watch Hell's Kitchen!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Chassis build-up continues...

So I decided to put in a marathon session today. I got up early, popped out and did the couple things I needed to do and then got to work. Here's a pic of the back of the chassis with back faceplate on, and the mains input, fuse housings, and voltage/impedance selectors installed and wired.

I laid the finished turret board in the chassis and took a quick pic as well. Nothing on the turret board is wired in to the chassis yet; I had to leave myself something to do tomorrow :).

I still need to get a couple fuses and some shielded wire to have everything I need to finish off, so I plan on picking that up and charging for the finish line tomorrow.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Chassis Build-Up Begins...

I started building up the chassis for the amp today. The first thing I did was installed the tube sockets. Then I went ahead and installed the transformers and choke.

Once I finished that I decided to make up a couple simple stands out of some wood I had laying around to hang the amp on to make it easier to work on.

I finished out my session today by soldering the leads on to the bottom of the board.

I still have to run the bottom of the board connections and the grounding bar. Once that is complete I'm going to start wiring up the chassis components.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Turret Board Components Installed

After I finished putting the turrets into the turret board last night, I went ahead and soldered a few components on and then left it for the night. Today when I got home from work I finished it off...

At this point I believe it is time to start putting the chassis together. I need to pick up a couple capacitor can clamps (for the big black 50x50's) as well as a package of nylok nuts and bolts to secure everything onto the chassis. I should be able to get a good portion of it built up this weekend, so keep checking back.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Back in action!

So the day after I left for my little Labour Day excursion my final part order from Watts Tube Audio in Florida showed up. So I went down and picked it up yesterday. I now have everything except tubes and capacitor can mounts. So I decided to get started on the turret board. Here is the board with turret layout being drilled.

The turret board I got is a 12" x 3.125", but the layout I'm using is 11.5" x 3", so I just centered it up on my blank and went at it. Once I completed drilling out the blank turret board for the turrets and the standoff mounts, I grabbed my bag of turrets and my turret pressing tool...

and pressed the turrets into the board. See the video below for the process.

Here is a picture of the turret board with all turrets pressed and standoff holes drilled.

Let the soldering begin!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Ceriatone order and more!

So my chassis, face plates, and selectors showed up yesterday and were on hold at the local DHL office. Turns out they were holding it for my pick up and not trying to deliver it at all. I just went and got them after I'd left work for the day.

Today my wire order from Powerwerx also showed up and I now have spools of 25' of 22AWG black, red, yellow, blue, and green teflon coated wire.