Monday, May 3, 2010

Temporary Detour

I've been waiting for the weather to warm up for a while now and decided to go ahead and try something out. I ordered an ITS8 pedal kit from General Guitar Gadgets! It's an Ibanez TS808 ("Tubescreamer") clone. It's a very neat, PCB based kit. It comes with everything you need to just fire up your soldering iron and get down to business.

The first thing I did was hit the case with a nice even coat of primer. I'm going to go with a sea-foam green color for the case, and then hit it with a couple coats of clear to keep it protected. I'm thinking about what I may put on it for graphics, I'll probably have a better idea once I get the first coast of paint on it. I figure I'll just stencil some black on there. Here's a look at the kit components.

This will go together quick so keep an eye on things! It's going to sound quite nice pushing through the JCM800 clone for sure!