Friday, January 1, 2010

And it sounded like...

So I put in a few solid hours over the past couple days. First I re-did the power section and heaters. Then I put the board back in and got down to business. After a few more hours punched today, I ended up with this...

Yessirree. That power light is ON! After this picture was taken I went ahead and checked all the necessary voltages to ensure that things were functioning as they should, and sure enough, all was well. Next, I unplugged it and discharged the filter caps. I then went ahead and installed the three preamp tubes (JJ Tesla 12AX7) and fired it back up, and they started glowing a nice warm orange. My heart melted. I flicked it off, popped in the two output tubes (JJ Tesla KT77), plugged it in to a 4x12 full of celestions and turned it back on again. The output tubes lit up in unison with the preamp tubes; a beautiful sight indeed. No hum, no squeals, just the smooth sound of a 4x12 cabinet on the receiving end of a 50 watt head. I plugged in my guitar, turned up the preamp and master volumes, and a smile a mile wide hit my face.

I have yet to bias the amp as I am waiting on a couple 1 ohm resistors from Digikey. I hope to have them on Monday so I can adjust the flow through the output tubes, and then I'm going to record some video/audio of the amp in action. Make sure you check back here on Monday!

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