Friday, April 9, 2010

Head Cabinet Beginnings

So after letting the pine I bought dry for an extended period of time, I decided that with the nice weather happening today I would go ahead and get some woodworking done for the head cabinet. I made use of my new table saw as well as my router table with finger jointing jig that I got from Oak Park Enterprises. It made the finger jointing part of the endeavor a total cinch.

Above is my router table with finger jointing jig. It's awesome. I still need to pick up some large adjustable bar clamps (I figure a couple 36" and a couple 18" should do) and then I can cut the heat exhaust hole in top of the box, glue and clamp it up, and then move on to cutting the front and back pieces. I've decided that #001 is going to get a few applications of dark chestnut stain when the time comes. Here are a few shots of what I managed to get dry fitted together.

Stay tuned, I'm going clamp hunting tomorrow!

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